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Name:Mortof son of Gorrok, House of Poctor Race:Klingon/Human Sex:Male Position:Marine captain Home Planet: Earth Birth Place: Qo'nos, the Klingon home world Date of Birth: November 14, 2352 Appearance: Klingon Age: 23 Height: 6 feet 3 inches Weight: 213 pounds Eyes: Blue (this is part of his human genes) Hair: Jet black, worn long in a pony tail Marital Status: Single


Training: Security Specialist, Stellar Cartography, Transporter Specialist, Warp Corp Specialist, Communications Specialist, Speaks Human, Vulcan, Romulun, and Klingon, very proficient in the art of using Klingon fighting instruments Special Abilities: extreme physical abilities Strenghths: Self-motivated. Limitations: Thinks emotionally, thinks battle is the way to end a disagreement. Traditions: Observes all Klingon rituals and observances Ambitions: To prove himself in battle and be accepted in the eyes of the Klingon High Council as a true Klingon Likes: Blood wine, honor, courage and loyalty in himself and his fellow crew members Dislikes: Social events, cowardice Quirks: Growls and shows his teeth in times of combat or when his honor is questioned Education: Chapel Hill Linguist Academy Hobbies and interest: poker, Tai Chi, creating different situations on the holodeck involving Klingon rituals and doing combat with the various Klingon weapons, listens to classical music, especially likes Bach