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Tholia II, or as the inhabitants call it Tholia, is the second planet in its star system. The exact location of Tholia is not known. The Tholians refer to their territory in space as "The Territorial Annex of the Tholian Assembly," suggesting their expansion is one of conquest rather than mutual interplanetary agreement. Areas of deep space are repeatedly claimed by the Tholians as theirs. First contact with the Tholians was made by the USS Intrepid as it carried out a deep space charting mission near the disputed Tholian border. The Federation ship was warned unconditionally to leave the area of space, and Captain Spiak of the Intrepid withdrew and informed Starfleet of the contact.
A Tholian transmission several weeks later demanded an audience with the Federation, specifically with Captain Spiak, at the border. The Tholians thought it wise to determine the nature of their potential enemy. Computer analysis of the visual communication has yielded some information on the nature of the Tholians. They live within a searing hot methane environment. In fact, estimated temperatures within the Tholian vessel were more than five hundred degrees. They are members of a hive culture and possess a hive mind. Tholians are modified at birth to perform a specific function in adulthood, resulting in many highly specialized outer body configurations. Warrior, ruler, and builder classes have been identified within the Tholian culture, and it is believed that there are many more. The Tholian "web," an intricate netlike force field, is the primary weapon of the Tholian space fleet. Through a process unknown to Federation science, two or more vessels can weave a tractor web around a vessel and tow it back to port. Once completed, the web cannot be broken by conventional weaponry