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Name: Kathleen Longtooth (Known at Starfleet as "Nursey" Longtooth) Age: 44 Race: Human/Lepricahn..(So she says) Height: 4'll'' Weight: 98lbs Hair: Bottled Red Eyes: Irish Green Training: After graduating the Academy's Nurse Corps with flying colors, Kathleen was assigned to the new recuit medical section...examining all those raw recruits to determine their fitness for duty. She loved being at the Academy, and spent 20 years there...ahem, working "behind" the scenes as it She had started her career there at the age of 24, now she was 44, and ready to finally see what services she could offer up and away...after all, the young Kathleen had always wanted to serve in Space.


Background: Born in Dublin Ireland, Planet Earth.....she grew up a proud lass, hoping to one day become a Doctor and give great relief to the mass of injured beings that haunt the highways and byways of the Final Frontier. She was a bonny lass too....quite small (in her younger years)...and quite full of the "blarny". She had a lovely manner, kind and gentle...(except when she got her Irish up), then may the ''Saints preserve you". She was the youngest of 12 children. And, being the youngest, she was the most spoiled. But, she also had to learn how to take care of herself at an early age. And, don't let her small stature fool you, with all those boys in the family, she learned to swing a mean right hook. After a tangle or two she became a bit of a "Wild Irish Rose". Getting attention was not easy in a house full of people all considerally larger that herself. She has 6 brothers, and 5 sisters....she can't remember all of their ages, but the names in order of oldest down go like this.....Rupert, Francis, Wylomeen, Daston, Yonce, Wilbert, Louise, Corky, Unice, Marci, Logan, Kathleen...Her parents were Dougan, and Marie Longtooth. Because all of the females in the family were 5'4'' or more, except for Kathleen....her older siblings always accused her of being half Lepricahn....and, as a youngster she had a lot of fun with that notion. Through the years, it became a warm childhood memory, and a fun topic of conversation. To this day she blames all of her pranks on that side of her nature. Kathleen left Dublin, and headed to San Francisco when she was 19. She entered Starfleet to become a Doctor, but she had a difficult time with the higher courses, and soon decided being a Nurse would be rewarding enough. Interests: Kathleen has always enjoyed going to live theatrical performaces...San Francisco offered her much in the way of live entertainment. In her younger years she could dance a mean "Irish Jig"...and "Clogged" briefly, with a local company until they made the big time and took their act on the road. She also likes to cook, hates replicators, and has vowed never to use one unless she is starving. She never married, but loves pets, and is never without an "Irish Terrier" by her side. Her current companion is named Regi, and he likes to do back flips.