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Name Mike Gil Species 1/2 human 1/2 bajoran Age 23 height 5'11 weight 168pd training: graduated from starfleet academy command scholl at age 21 with honors in astroenginering and advanced tactical fighting . first stationed onboard the uss lager was given promotion for meritous conduct in the battle at sector 001 in the second borg invasion attempt .the lagers captain was killed and lt mike gil took command of the ship after her first officer was emotionaly unable to . givin starfleet cross for valor and promoted to full commander the first ever promotion from lt to commander in all of starfleet.


BACKGROUND born in 2353 he was the son of jose and juliet gil he is the youngest of three brithers, captain kevin Gil,and Lt.Cmdr. Joe Gil. In 2366 he was caught in jouret system in a shuttle with his brother he remembered seeing the borg cube looming over the jouret colony to avoid detection they hid in a small moon on the 8th planet. later, in 2370 he joind the acdemy he graduated 12th in his class.