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Name: Kiron Varul Age: 29 Years Race: 1/2 Romulan 1/2 Human Sex: Female Physical Description: * Height: 5 feet, 07 inches * Weight: 130 lbs. * Appearance/demeanor: Doctor Varul resembles a Romulan more than a Terran. She has short jet-black hair and extremely dark brown eyes. She is a very formal officer. She is outwardly brisk and very professional. FAMILY INFORMATION Place of Birth: London, England Citizenship: United Federation of Planets Parents: * (Former) Ambassador Trinad Varul * Diana Wilmington (deceased) Siblings: None Spouse: None Children: None PERSONAL INFORMATION Hobbies & Interests: Classical music, fine wines, medical research, Prime Directive, rules and regulations. Dislikes: Challenging personalities, "free spirits", breaking rules.


STARFLEET INFORMATION Current Assignment: Awaiting orders Starfleet Rank: Ensign Education: Oxford (MD)/Starfleet Academy/graduate training in multiple cultures from Vulcan school of physiology Academy Major: Medicine Academy Minor: Diplomacy Languages: *UFP Standard *Romulan BACKGROUND HISTORY Kiron Varul was born to two very affluent families. Her father is an Ambassador from the Romulan Empire to the United Federation of Planets, Trinad Varul. While on his first mission to Earth Varul met Diana Wilmington and fell in love. They settled in London, England after peace negotiations failed, leaving Ambassador Varul stranded on Earth, which he did not mind. The two had one daughter, who they named Kiron. Kiron grew up in the aristocratic society of Starfleet. She faced little prejudice based on her race. To the contrary, most of her friends found it extremely interesting. Because Kiron was introduced to Starfleet at a young age, she knew that she would someday work for them. Her father had hoped she would become an Ambassador or Diplomat, it shocked him slightly that she became a physician. While at the Academy, her mother became very ill and died mysteriously. Her father, overcome with grief left Earth and settled on Vulcan. He resides there, living a life of solitude. Dr. Varul has specialized in the physiology of Humans and like, Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians, Borg, and Bajorans. She has done extensive research on abnormal physiology and has published many articles. She has also pursued extra courses at the Academy in diplomacy. She is intrigued with the Prime Directive and even assesses what some Captains have done in the past with the Prime Directive and their individual interpretations. SERVICE RECORD 1. Born London, England 2. MD Oxford, England 3. Starfleet Academy 4. Mother died 5. Father left Earth 6. Medical training in multi-cultures (Vulcan)