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Full Name: Shawn Valaris Rank: LT. Position : Chief Medical Officer Birth World: Bajor Home Planet: Bajor Race/Species: Bajoran Sex: Male Appearance: Tall, well muscled and attractive. Age: 26 Height: 6'1" Weight: 160lbs Eyes: Black Hair: Black TRAINING Since the age of 10 Shawn has been training in hadn to hand combat. ~Shawn attended the Bajoran Medical Academy, while living on his home planet. After graduation from the Medical Academy of Bajor, Shawn decided to head off to the SF academy on Earth. He attended the academy and majored in medicine. At 22 he graduated from SF, and was sent off to his first post. The USS Solar Wind, a medical vessle in the Beta Quadrant. While out there he decided that someday he too would like to jouney with his ship out into the stars. On one of the missions the CMO died and Shawn was given Acting CMO, until the ships return. Shawn was then returned to San Fran and worked at the Medical Compound at SF HQ. While at this post he decided to attend classes and get several more degree's in the medical field. Shawn at this point was the asst. Chief of internal medicine. Not bad for only being 24. Of course Shawn still wanted to explore space. So he took commision as the ACMO of the USS Galin. During his time abord the Galin Shawn helped Dr. Teri Olaran to develop a vaccine for a powerfuil virus invading the poeple of Cladera Prime. The Galin aslo made first contact with the species of the Planet Merin IV, and Shawn was on the "welcoming party". The people of Merin IV badly needed medical care and doctors and the CMO stayed and resigned his SF commision, again making Shawn the acting CMO. This was soon changed though as the Captain of the Galin made request that Shawn be promoted and transfered to a ship where he could be CMO


Talents: Shawn has always been talented in the ways of medicine. Growing up on Bajor was hard, so he had to learn how to fight, now he is an exellent hand to hand combatent. Marital Status: Single Ambitions: Shawn wants to become an Admiral and administrator for SF HQ, Medical Division. Possibly to head up that division sometime in his life. He also wants to explore deep space, and get a command of his own, a medical ship. Likes: Shawn likes to spend his time learning. He is currently taking two classes in the medical field, thru sub-space transmissions. Dislikes: He has a stong dislike of Borg since they killed his friend. He also doesnt like poeple who jusge other poeple in their looks etc. Strong Beliefs: Shawn wants to help the sick wherever he is. "there should never be a people without care, without love, and without a damn good doctor!" Limitations: Although he spends much if his time treating wounds and phaser burns, he has ne'er quite remembered how to really use them right. He understands point and shoot. Strengths: Shawn is a very good doc. He is very compassionate and understadnign of his patience and has on occasion risked his own life to help one of his patients. Family: Shawn's parents died in the Bajoran wars, long since passed. He has a sister in the SF, LT.JG Rina Valaris, and his Aunt Lt. Gen Ra'jal of the Bajoran Military.