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Ship :USS Melbourne Name: Cyn Aquila age:23 Race: Half Vulcan/Half Betazoid Sex: Male Training entered starfleet academy at age 18 graduated 3 in his class first posted aboard the oberon.


Leans to his Betazoid side. Surprisingly his no telepathic abilties of any kind. Is twin brother to Lt. Cmdr. Cyn Aquila the CSO of USS Saratoga. Is cousin to Lt. Rivik Aquila the CSO of Avalon Shipyards and the USS Yamato. Is 5"9. Has forest green eyes. Served on USS Oberon as CEO, when Commodore Alex Rydell was in command. His desire to serve in Starfleet draws partly from his anger at the Dominon for their attack and conquering of Betazed and the subsequent killing his grandparents. He is a skilled underwater diver. Parents: Father: Adan Aquila(serves on USS Norway) Mother: Tipara (Not in Starfleet) Grandparents: Father's side: Grandfather: Jemes Aquila (killed by Dominon forces) Grandmother: Keri Aquila (killed by Dominon forces) Mother's side: Grandfather: Parvok (killed on Vulcan transport by Dominon vessel) Grandmother: Citrine (Federation Archeologist, currenly on Bajor)