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USS MELBOURNE ~THE ADVENTURE BEGINS~ I and the crew of the melbourne have begun arriving at avalon shipyards.the refit of the melbourne is complete all department heads have reported ready status to depart repluse class combat runabout the uss blackhawk was delivered to the melbourne thus completing it's complement of auxillary craft .one tragedy has already befallen the melbourne diamond was unfortunatly killed when the shuttle he was flying slammed into an asteroid at full impulse speed.the reason for this tragedy has yet to be explained a full investigation is underway.the melbourne was rechristened today in a large ceremony with commodore roi presiding the ceremony was followed by a large party in tenforward aboard the melbourne after which we departed avalon for our first mission. ~mission completed end captain's log~
USS MELBOURNE~RETURN TO WOLF359~ CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 58997.6 the melbourne is currently onroute to wolf359 to monitor a subspace disturbance first detected by starfleet three weeks ago.i am aprehensive about the mission due to the sensitive nature of the wolf359 memorial sight. CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 58997.7the melbourne is now within minimum scanning distance of the annomily it now appears to have grown in size 30 percent since the last report by noar reports that the annomily is being caused by someone or something attempting to open a time portal from some where out of our time. we increased speed and we're due to arrive at the wolf359 sector in 1hour 59 minutes. CAPTAIN'S LOG: SUPPLEMENTAL shortly after comming within minimum scanning distance of the annomily lt.commander darpeg started recieving garbled transmissions from the annomily which abruptly ended after a unknown ship emerged from the center. CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 58997.8 things have gone from bad to worst.the ship that emerged from the annomily was the uss saratoga being presued by the borg cube from wolf 359. the saratoga was self destructed by it's captain some escape pods were released prior to destruction. one containing lt.commnader benjamin sisko and his family. the arrival of the cube and the uss saratoga started to cause major distortions in the time line and the melbourne started to fade out of existance we got into a fire fight with the cube and it went back thru the annomily we're presuing the borg and taking the saratoga survivors with us. CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 44001.4 the melbourne is now crippled and stuck back over ten years in time . we followed the borg cube back in time to wolf359 to return the saratoga survivors the annomily closed behind us and we were attacked by the borg after they had decimated the fleet there. our upper weapons pod has been destroyed greatly decreasing our defence capability.the warp core is no longer on line and all of our systems are either damaged or at 25 percent power commander gil and lt.commander garak darpeg have taken the repluse class runabout uss:blackhawk out to try and salvage some much needed components from the derilect ships our situation is desperate. CAPTAIN'S LOG SUPPLEMENTAL:it has now been 8 hours since the melbourne has arrived in the past. lt.commander scott has found some information in the starfleet records of the wolf 359 sight that say the annomily will reform large enough in about three days for us to reenter, but lt.commander noar has also reported to me that he cannot complete needed repairs to the ship in time to renter the annomily once it fully reforms.we must now endevour to fully fix our warp drive to even be able to attempt getting back thru the annomily so we can return to our time. but with the available components on hand we cannot accomplish this. CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 44001.5 lt.commander noar has come up with a plan that he thinks should repair our ship enough in time to get back to the annomily and get noar wants to obtain some borg nanoprobes so that he can modify them to safely assimilate the ship and repair our warp drive and damaged systems . commander gil and lt.commander darpeg have returned to the wolf battle sight to try and retreive a dead borg or piece of an assimilated ship.this is a risky plan but we have no other options left to us. CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 44001.6 the assimilation of the melbourne has gone according to plan.our warp core has come back online at 60 percent and all our hull breaches have been repaired by what appeared to be sections of borg cube.we have entered the wolf 359 memorial sight and are hiding among the destroyed ships with all but life support powered down. we now wait for our chance to renter the annomily with out drawing the starfleet search ships attention> CAPTAIN'S LOG: SUPPLIMENTAL it has been 2 hour since we have entered the battle field.commander gil has ordered two photon torpedo launchers we salvaged from some of the derelict ships attached to whats left of the pylon that used to hold the weapons pod lt.commander darpeg has also asked that all the pulse phaser cannons be removed from the sidewinder class fighters and installed on the weapons pylon and around different areas of the ships hull they have limited power supplys but will increase our defence capability. the enterprise assisting with the rescue opperations at the battle sight have discovered us hidding out. we tried to fool them with a projected holographic image on there view screen but due to ship wide power fluctuations it failed they have now begun firing upon scott says the annomily has reformed enough for us to enter but it might not take us back to the correct time if we enter it early.we have to go back now we have no choice we cannot risk further disruptions of the timeline. CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE UNKNOWN our journey thru this annomily has taken an even stranger turn.not only have we been pushed 25 years ahead in time but we have arrived in an alternate timeline one in which the sequence of events in it's past greatly differ from our own. we encountered an earth completly controlled by the dominion and a federation brought to it's knees.we we're on route to an abandond base in the dutrama nebula to hide out when we we're stopped by 3 ragtag starfleet vessels the galaxy class yamato the steamrunner class uss theodore rosevelt and the intrepid clas starship uss seems they and 100 vessels like them are all that remain of starfleet.they have been using the dutrama base as there headquarters since the fall of earth and the federation.the commander of the yamato also told us that he and all of starfleet have been aware of our disappearance.and had us follow him back to the dutrama base.
CAPTAIN'S LOG SUPPLIMENTAL we have arrived at the dutrama base and we're greeted by a most unusual representative one admiral apolo me in this future time line 25 years older. admiral apolo stated that he had been expecting us and briefed us on the annomily that took us here since as he put it" i've had 25 years to study it" we are studdying his data.
CAPTAIN'S LOG STARDATE 994568.3 admiral apolo has explained to us the real reason why the anomily formed. it seems that when the melbourne was here in the future we recreated the annomily artificially and tried to use it to get back to our proper place in time.but the annomily trickeld back thru time to our present and to the wolf 359 battle . so it seems that unless we recreate the annomily and go back we will be responsible for a paradox of untold preportions.the admiral told us the first time he did this the melbourne almost didn't make it back because of the resistance we encountered from the dominion but that cannot matter now if we leave, this twisted future will end once we return to our present time. we leave for the wolf 359 battle sight in 5 days.
CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 994568.4 the melbourne is being made ready by the dutrama base techs but unfortunatly they are only able to do very little to help us. they are repairing our warp drive and lt.commander darpeg has requested permission to put a few of the bases spare phaser turrets on the counterpart in this time has also informed me that in two days when we leave her circumstance unknow to myself or him will cause my being left behind in this time. i don't know when it will happen or why i don't even know if i can stop it and if i am able to prevent my being left behind what would be the consequences to the time line?
CAPTAIN'S LOG:SUPPLEMENTAL i haven't been able to sleep since my counter part in this time told me of my eventual fate. how can i know what will happen if i prevent my self from being left behind. and is it really a decesion i can make? the nature of time and existance and nonexistance is mind boggeling to say the least. if i don't go back all will be well . if i do go back who knows how many future people and civilaztions won't exisit? is this really a choice that is mine to make?
CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 994568.6 we are presently onroute to the wolf359 sector . my counterpart admiral apolo in this future timeline has made the necessary modifications to four of our quantum torpedos to artificially recreate the annomily that started us on this adventure thru time.we are being escorted by the future melbourne of this area the galaxy class uss yamato the intrepid class uss valkyrie and the steamrunner class uss theodore roosevelt we expect to encounter heavy resistance from this dominion controlled earth and federation.
CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 59000.5 i must report on the events of the past three days. has it been three days since my last log? i don't know anymore. i shouldn't be here i belong back in that future timeline . what have i done? three days ago the melbourne was 25 years in the future the war with the dominion haden't gone well and the federation and fallen to dominion might.we we're on our way to the wolf 359 sector to recreate the annomily that brought us here we encountered heavy resistance a dominion fleet of over 100 ships. 12 minutes into the battle captain roi destructed his ship the uss yamato and took out 35 of the dominion warships to give us a chance. another 10 minutes into the battle after we had launched our modified torpedos and reopened the annomily all our weapons and primary power had been destroyed.admiral apolo and the future melbourne positioned his ship between the warships and ourselves and proceded to push us thru the annomily with there tractor beam. after we we're 1.23 kilometers from the annomily the future melbourne couldn't take the pounding anymore and there warp core breached the shockwave thru us into the annomily. we arrived in our present timeline and i sealed the annomily by ejecting our warp core and destructing it with a fighter craft. i should't have come back ohhh god !! what have i done??!!! ~mission completed?~

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