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History Of Uss New Jersey

The uss New jersey is a ship with a short but proud history her term and record of service in the united federation of planets starfleet spand almost 8 years and more then 1000 crewmembers.

The Jersey was launched during a time of relative unease for the federation.2373 the first soverign class starship Uss soverign launched from san fransisco fleet yards orbiting earth.....two months later uss new jersey is launched in a small ceremony with admiral robert april presiding.Her First Co commander Jason Steed gamma welds her dedication plaque in pride of place.two days later uss new jersey is dispatched to the romulan neutral zone for reutine patrol duty.

The jerseys first 5 years of service were anything but common.commander steed's ship was the first vessel on the scene during the now infamous sector 001 incident.jersey rendered assitance to the damaged enterprise after she emerged from the temporal vortex.

During the escalation of hostilitys with the dominion on stardate 85308.4 over planet bajor uss new jersey was the lead ship in a defence of the wormhole blockade.three days after the begining of the blocvkade..7 dominion class battlecruisers tried to penetrate federation space.the new jersey under now captain phillips command sucsesfully repled the dominion invaders with no loss to ship or crew.

Then the new jersey was recalled to earth for a year of repair and refit. at this time the ships Co captain phillips was reassigned to starbase 22 on planet vulcan.the new jersey remained in drydock for the next 6 months.a new co and crew was assigned the new captains name was Arthur Nite.under his command the new jersey charted more unexplored starsystems and planets then any vessel that came before it.captain nite was personally responsible for first contact with 12 new races including the litherians.since the nature of new jerseys mission kept it away from federation space for extended periods of time little more then an occasional border skirmish or bad encounter with a new race was all that could be reported in the way of conflict.the jersey returned once again after 7 months for more refit and reconstruction.

The entire soverign class was reaching the halfway point of it's expected initial design shakedown.several advancements in starship technology were encorporated in the refit of new jersey.some of the advancements included an advanced version of the lcars computer system.a new m-ara IV dilithium warp core.and new type X phasers.the new co of new jersey commander Mac Bialis a veteran of no less then 7 major federation battles let alone more battles then the small ship had ever been involved with before.under his command jersey was

repaired majorly more then a dozen such battle over sherman planet was incredibly fierce.the battle cruiser was bombarding the small population with photon torpedos from a high orbit above the planets equator.commander bialis entered the planets atmosphere to gain an advatage over the battle cruisers weak was a tactical risk while one that eventually suceeded in the cruisers destruction....the new jersey was unable to pull up from the planets a last attempt to exit the planets atmosphere and save there decaying orbit the commander ordered a jump to warp speed.a fatal mistake the disruption from the planets atmosphere tossed the small ship from orbit the power failed and the crew was killed by the massive speed forces exerted upon them.

the jersey was sent to utopia planetia shipyard on mars for deconstruction and decomission.and there she sat for almost 2 monthl.....the recent conflict with the borg caused jersey to be activated and refited with all the latest weaponry the new jersey once again rode galently into battle this time with Commander bialis once again in command.the jersey served as his flagship for the some 2 years of the dominion conflict...and was part of the combined klingon romulan federation fleet that finally beat the dominion and breenb ack to there homeplanet and won the long hard faught war.