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Name: Toshka Zaldaran Sex: Female Race: Klingon/Humanoid Hair: Long Medium Brown Eyes: Emerald Green Height: 6'1" Weight: 140lbs. Age: 24 Entered the Academy at age 17. Graduated at the age of 21 with special honors in the fields of Command, Transporter Technology, and Security. She also has a black belt in Martial Arts. Her first ship to serve aboard was the USS Atropos, where she served as the Bartender until her first assignment was...well, assigned! Her first Starfleet Assignment was aboard the USS Millennium as Transporter Chief. She was then transfered to the IKS Amar as XO of the Klingon Detachment. She is currently awaiting her next assignment.


Toshka's mother, Bella, was born on Angel One. She was to be the next one of the select few to be chosen for the ruling council, until she was kidnapped by a Klingon Battle Cruiser when she was only 12 years old. She lived on the ship as a captive for 5 years, awaiting her 17th birthday when she would be taken as a Klingon males' mate (this was a "game" that just this particular Klingon ship was playing with all their captives; the males would take females and the females would take males, obviously, so the females would almost always be impregnated. All the Klingon's would keep the children and raise it to be a great Klingon warrior, and they would "discard" of the prisoner parent.) Toshka's father, MochDep, was a full Klingon, born and raised on that particular ship. He was the same age as Toshka's mother, and while she was held captive, he made regular visits to her holding cell. He found her very intriguing, mainly because of her great beauty, and eventually grew to have great love for her. The day before her 17th birthday he came to her and promised her that after the child was born he would secretly return her and the child back to Angel One. When Toshka WAS born, he DID keep his promise, and 2 days after the three of them returned to Angel One, MochDep was raped and murdered by one of the large amazon women on Angel One. She gave birth to a tiny MochDep Jr. 8 1/2 months later while she was in prison. The child was taken away from her, and full custody was granted to Bella. Ever since Toshka was 5, she knew this story by heart, and always wondered what it would have been like to have a father. Toshka resembles a half-Klingon very much. She has minimal forehead ledges, but her nose gives her away, eventhough it is dainty. Her hairline is exactly like a Klingon woman's, and her long, wavey, medium brown hair shines beautifully in any light. She studies her Klingon culture often, but doesn't really practice or agree with most of it. Toshka is an EXTREMELY strong woman when she has to be, in more ways than one. But she genuinely cares for peoples well being and tries not to make many people feel very uncomfortable, seeing as how people nearly fall over backwards everytime she enters a room. Since she DID live on Angel One growing up, she WAS Captain of the football team in High School, and received numerous trophies for her participation and leadership most places she went.