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Under Construction

Star trek "a distant dream" goes online in less then 16 days!stay tuned to this page for more exciting information.

A different approach to star trek

have you ever sat and wondered about what happens after your favorite sci fi television show or book ends?most often you the viewer or reader are left sit and try to imagine what your favorite charecter will be up to in the far flung future ,or what misadventures happen in your former favorite universe.Do certain charecters get married?do they have children?whats the ultimate fate of that favorite starship and her crew?these are questions with this rpg's help i hope to answer for at least myself trek a distant dream is set in a very distant future of star trek . 5000 years to be precise aboard an infamous and very ancient starship in a grim reality where the federation no longer exists and societies have crumbled and fallen back to pre warp drive eras barberism and apathy are not in short supply here, and is based heavily in part around rpg charecters and places that a group of friends and myself helped to create and made sort of famous internet wise :) several years ago.more about those charecters and places will be revealed as the game progresses.

it all starts with one young terran man aged 17 named Artemus Jackson,a loner who spends most of his time cruising the transuniversal infoways digging for conglomerate banned and censored information he can sell to blackmarket reality programers who create simulations for the mind based on the old info.and all is well untill artemus discovers a shocking secret so terrible and mysterious it could cost him and his family there very lives if anyone knew he discovered it.

History and the future.

In the future humanity is a small insignificant minority in the new universal society.thats right humans are no longer the central or "main"society group,3,000 years before events in a distant dream the federation has failed and earth has become a conquered and beaten planet.Who have the fallen to?who could possibly be more powerfull then the almighty federation?maybe the borg?mmm no not the borg in a distant dreams universe the borg no longer exist in fact there is no real proff the borg even existed beyond the scary storys told to children on then if its not the borg then who could it be?How about the romulans?Definatly a distant dreams timeline ambassador spocks dream of romulan vulcan unification has come true.for over 4,000 years the society intermingled and grew together eventually able to transcend space time and even matter,they exist now as godlike beings hardly careing about our petyy troubles and human frailtys.some say the vulcans were what held the federation together for as long as it existed and when they withdrew to focus on the unification the ufp's place or power if the romulans went the way of the Q then who could have had the power to fell the federaton?Maybe the klingons went back to there old ways?That could have been a possibilty if not for the fact there hasn't been a klingon alive for almost 4,000 years........where did they go?how did they perish?perhaps they didn't?maybe they went to where there was still something to fight for where a warrior could still be a warrior.....the klingons reman a significant unknown...well not totally unknown there is still one klingon legacy a often talked about ghost fleet out there in deep space somewhere floating waiting for its terrible power to be unleashed..many have tried to find it.........none have sucseeded.if all the major powers in the galaxy have somehow been nullified then who?it couldn't be the dominion the bajoran wormhole was sealed shut in 2474 when benjamin sisko finally emerged from the celestial temple only to find his beloved bajor abandoned one of the casualitys of the nonprobe plague that swept the alpha and beta quadrents when the uss voyager finally returned home carrying a small suprise from the defeated borg queen.Maybe then it was someone from outside our get here they would have to have technology lightyears ahead of our own and come in such numbers we would never have any hope of fighting back............and the galaxy would become a place where the federation and its ideals are nothing more than.........A DISTANT DREAM!