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Name: Judson Apolo Age:48 Height:5'10 Weight:179pd Hair color:brown (with white wisps) training :graduated starfleet academy command school at age 21 with special honors in advanced tactics and shuttle piloting. was then assinged to the uss sidewinder as ops officer obtained the starfleet cross for valor when he saved the captains life on an away mission that went wrong on planet sigma iconi . spent three years at that post untill transfered to uss halifax as XO: spent 9 years as first officer of halifax distinguished him self in duty several times(once notably during a first contact situation on planet centri 6) was awarded the federation medal of honor accepted promotion to captain and present post at starfleet command as strategic planning officer later transfered to command uss melbourne.recently promoted to rear admiral and givin command of task force 93.


Backround: born on earth in the old earth nation state of greece to parents heinrich apolo(age 88) a famous federation exobioligist and sylvia apolo federation ambassador to bolarusIX the bolian homeworld(deceased) . judson has one brother LT.cmdr franklin apolo curently on assignment with the uss harper the bravo fleet marines flagship .judson likes collecting ancient weapons prefers old starfleet and earth issue weapons has a very large collection that he takes with him where ever he is stationed.Judson is the typical starfleet ships commander calm cool collected.judson is good friends with most of the admirals in starfleet command (he was around them alot because of his mother and father when growing up.)